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The Alpine Chalet provides a world class dining experience to its guests. The vibrant ambience of “The Pine” which is a specialty restaurant offers aesthetically balanced food to cater to the epicurean taste of its guests. One can also enjoy a scrumptious alfresco meal at “The Sal” under the starlit sky. The expert chef pays exclusive attention to the hygiene, taste, and appeal of the food. Local delicacies and traditional food along with multicuisine dishes ensure a variety of spread to indulge the taste buds. The expert culinary and catering team ensures a mouth-watering indulgence.


Personal Dining

The resort offers personal dining experiences for special occasions offering privacy and convenience all within an enclosed exclusive area of the resort with an expansive great room designed for guests to convene and celebrate before and after an event. Ideal for events large and small, it offers an impressive and memorable, unobstructed view of breathtaking Himalayan mountains. It has a more secluded setting compared to the indoor lounge that can host an event for up to 70 guests. It is simple yet sophisticated, includes softwood floors and floor-to-ceiling windows with privacy curtains. It provides an experience that is not only interactive but truly memorable.


The Pine

The Pine exudes an exuberance of warmth and charm with the display of the softest pine wood flooring and exquisite pine wood wall work. Saturated by natural light with expansive floor-to-ceiling glass windows, its spaciously spread sitting area can easily accommodate around 50 guests serving both buffet and ala carte dishes. The expert culinary team serves premium delectable dishes with the best of the shiny and elegant stainless-steel cutlery of the finest quality.

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Food image

The Sal

The alfresco-styled outdoor restaurant guarantees blissful evenings and outside dining soiree to be spent barbecuing and socializing outdoors with friends and family. The pinewood flooring, covered canopies, and cane wood furniture provide a relaxed ambience. Guests are treated to the tranquil sounds of nature and majestic views of the Himalayan mountain peaks. The riveting feeling of dining under the star-studded sky while enjoying some of the finest barbeques from the grill as the cool mountain breeze gently passes by is sure to linger in the memory for a long time.

Finest food house

Pasta and vegetables

Pasta and vegetables is a signature dish of The Alpine Chalet. Whole wheat pasta and loads of vegetables is the specialty of this calcium and fiber-rich dish. The zestful taste and aroma of the warm creamy pasta and greens of this appetizing Swiss dish will transport one to the native Alps from where this dish originates.

Food image
Food image

Private Dining

The Alpine Chalet offers specially curated setting, theme, and dishes for a memorable and immersive private dining experience for special occasions. The Alfresco restaurant provides . great vistas for private dining under the star-studded night sky while enjoying the finger-licking delicacies from the chef’s kitchen.

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Our Remarkable experience

Our modest beginning of providing world class hospitality has now expanded to 25 contemporary suites with classic elegance. In the recent years, we have introduced local safaris for sightseeing and have familiarized the local Kumauni dishes to our patrons by our in-house restaurant. The positive response of our guests are testimonials to our immaculate services

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You can book your room online, and if your room supports it, automatically reserve a seat for dinner in our 5-star gourmet restaurants. So do not wait, book your room now!

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