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Fun and Luxurious

The alpine experience

A stay at The Alpine Chalet is bound to titillate your senses with amazing visual treats and impeccable hospitality, feel of which will linger in your memory long after you return to the milieu

Smart Rooms

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Keeping in pace with latest technology, all the rooms of The Alpine Chalet have smart room technology. The guests can access the room through their mobile phones, can set the desired temperature and lighting and even place requests. Smart room is a revolutionary concept in providing precise and accurate services as per the specifications of the guests

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Night Camping

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The resort provides camping gears along with barbeque for an amazing night camping experience. There are many beautiful locales to set a tent and welcome a new day in the hills. It is a unique thrill of spending the night under the star-studded night sky. Listening to spooky stories around the bonfire with the sound of wailing sound of the cricket is an outright adventure.

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Recreational Room

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The recreational room is spacious and well lit with bright lights. The management has included recreational activities for both the young and the old. The pool table is brand new and there is ample space for easy movement. Carrom board and foosball brings out the inner child in everyone. The mini library has story books and different magazines for both young children and adults.

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Group Activities


Group activities increases bonding and fosters teamwork. Trekking and hiking in the dew-covered mountains with friends around are always a pleasure. Nature walk, camping in the hills, enjoying a day picnic, or taking group selfies to browse through later are activities that will spin fun and happy memories. It is also the perfect time to reignite the passion of friendship.

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Nearby places to visit

There are many beautiful places nearby the resort which are within accessible distances. Chauli ki Jhali, Bhalu Gad, Peora, Nanda Devi, Mukhteswar Inspection Bunglow, Corbett Museum etc. are some of the prominent places worth vising. One can take small treks or nature walks to reach these places or can avail the many cabs that are readily available at Mukhteswar.

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