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Destination Wedding Resorts in Mukteshwar

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Exchanging vows of eternal bonding under the clear azure sky as the crisp air brings forth the freshness of the mountains while nature witnesses the endless love twinkling in both of your eyes is one of the most romantic ways to celebrate one’s wedding. Mukteshwar has evolved as one of the most offbeat wedding destinations in the hills. The freshness of the place complements the freshness of love brimming among the newly wedded couple.

There are many destination wedding resorts in Mukteshwar each offering services best curated to one’s budget and preferences. Apart from providing an unconventional setting, celebrating a wedding at these resorts are much economical than celebrating inside claustrophobic marriage halls in the cities. It provides a convenient escape for the family and friends from the humdrum of the city life to the tranquillity of the climes of Mukteshwar. These resorts are well equipped to cater to your fancy of a fairy tale theme, a big fat Indian wedding theme, floral theme, nature theme, etc. Each of these resorts has their in-house wedding planners who take care of each and every aspect of the marriage right from the flowers, theme, decorations, photographers, beauticians, make-up artists, lighting, etc. In traditional marriages, the host is tensed with last-minute adjustments and delays and literally has no time spared to enjoy the wedding. In these weddings, the host is busy welcoming guests and shaking a leg with the baraat while all the worries are duly taken care of by the wedding planner and his team.

These resorts have their in-house culinary experts who prepare luscious Kumaoni and traditional Indian cuisine which keep the guests amazed with a regular flow of delectable dishes. Most of them have ample space for the guests and hosts to enjoy prenuptial traditional customs like Mehendi, Haldi night, etc. The bride or the groom can party the night away during their fun-filled bachelor or bachelorette night with friends under the starry sky. Apart from large open lawns, these resorts also have huge conference rooms and halls if the weather turns to spoil sport.

Alpine Chalet, which is located at the heart of Mukteshwar, is one such convenient resort that provides great ambiance and facilities for destination weddings. They have a wide free parking area which can accommodate the huge rush of guests. Built at an elevation, it offers panoramic views of the mesmerizing area around it and the awe-inspiring view of the snow-covered mountains. The management leaves no stone unturned in transforming the venue to the theme of our dream as you undertake the nuptial vows. The guests are equally thrilled by the tantalizing food. It has an alfresco dining area and an open barbeque near the pool which promises fun and laughter over delectable food and high spirits.

Celebrating the auspicious amalgamation of hearts and families at any destination wedding resort at Mukteshwar is a smart way of celebrating the special occasion called marriage amidst the bountiful nature in the unpolluted terrains of Mukteshwar.

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