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Experience the Luxury of Swiss Cottage at Mesmerising Mukteshwar

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The picturesque hill station of Mukteshwar located at an altitude of 2171 meters offers cool and cozy weather all through the year. Shrouded with the green foliage of coniferous forests and crisp mountain fresh air bringing the smell of the pine trees, it beckons visitors from far and wide to enjoy the pristine nature in its lap. Fruit orchards, lush green forest, amazing trekking trails that pass through rivulets, and waterfalls make a trip to Mukteshwar an exciting one. Studded with beautiful hamlets, flowing streams, a riveting 180-degree view of the snow-dusted Himalayan mountains, and splendid views of the enchanting valley, Mukteshwar is truly a haven for the wanderlust.

There are numerous 4-star resorts in Mukteshwar each of which offers amazing services and hospitality. There are lovely swiss cottages available for stay at Mukteshwar. Staying in such a swiss cottage is quite a divine experience. These swiss cottages are made of pinewood which adds to the ethereal feeling as one steps inside it. Winter is the time when everything freezes and the place is covered with white powdery snow. The experience of sitting by a crackling fire inside a swiss cottage while watching the wisps of snow falling around and enjoying a hot cup of coffee is an experience to die for.

One such dreamlike swiss cottage at Mukteshwar which will teleport you straight into the beautiful hinterlands of Switzerland is The Alpine Chalet which is beautifully perched upon a hillock overlooking the luxurious valley and the majestic far away mountains. This cocoon of luxury and comfort has spacious rooms like the Oak Chalet, Bubinga Chalet, Balsa Chalet, Ebony Chalet, and Beech Duplex Chalet each of which exudes warmth and sophistication. The furniture and the other wooden things are made of pinewood which adds charm to the rooms. These ultra-luxurious pads are equipped with all modern gadgetry to provide the guests the ultimate luxury and comfort. These chalets are draped in earthy drapes and rich upholstery. Waking up and feeling the morning gust of wind hitting your face as you stick it out on the balcony is pure bliss of ultimate freshness. Sticking true to its swiss feel, it serves pasta and vegetables taste of which remind one of the frosty Alps.

The delicious cuisines prepared by the chef and served in the beautiful Pine, the in-house restaurant, and Sal, the Alfresco restaurant titillates the taste buds with their delightful ingredients. The ever-helping staff leaves no stone unturned in their quest to provide one of the best stays to their guests.

It is highly recommended to visit and stay at these dreamlike swiss cottages or resorts at Mukteshwar which sure will be your once-in-a-lifetime experience. The exuberance and warmth of this place will entice you like an aphrodisiac and make you completely fall in love with this place. The charm, hospitality, and the novelty of the place will linger in your mind long after you are gone.

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