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Most Exciting Activities to do in Mukteshwar

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One of the lesser frequented places of Uttarakhand, Mukteshwar, is replete with mesmerizing natural beauty at its supreme glory. A new kid on the block in the state’s tourism map, it is steadily climbing up to be one of the most preferred ones. The reason is not hard to find. The virgin locations surrounded by coniferous forests provide some of the most heavenly views on earth. There are a lot many places to visit in Mukteshwar which are frequented by tourists. Apart from its pristine grandeur, there are a plethora of exciting activities to do in Mukteshwar.

The most preferred exciting activity by any visitor at Mukteshwar is rock climbing and rappelling. There are a number of cliffs and rocky outcrops at Mukteshwar that are ideal spots for rock climbing enthusiasts. The rocks of chauli ki jhali which is a cliff at an incredible height of 2286 meters is the hotspot for this thrilling adventurous activity. It is breezy and one should take precaution not to step too close to the edge as it is a steep fall below. 

Another activity for the list of the most exciting activities to do at Mukteshwar is paragliding. This adrenaline gushing activity offers a panoramic view of the lush green carpeted land of Mukhteswar along with an equally spectacular view of the faraway mountains from an amazing height. The feel of the cold breeze whizzing past as one glides through the sky is out of this world. It is completely safe as guided trainers provide help all through the activity. Another thrilling and one of its kind activity at Mukteshwar is night trek and wildlife trekking. Mukteshwar has a lot of thick timbered forests which is ideal for trekking. Experiencing a thrilling night trek in these forests with the mysterious sound of the forest at night is bound to give goosebumps to anyone. Added to it, the exhilarating feeling of the chance of trailing wildlife at night is something that can be experienced uniquely at this amazing hill station. 

Other than the night, the daytime treks through the beautiful forests with the crisp air carrying the whiff of pine trees is simply amazing. The hilly terrain, virgin trails, timbered green forests, and meandering tracks make it one of the most exciting activities in Mukteshwar. One can undertake any easy to moderate trek based on his experience and stamina. All you need is a good pair of shoes to sojourn an exciting walk amidst nature while experiencing the freshness of crisp mountain air. Some of the Popular trails are from Peora to Almora, Peora to Mukteshwar, Binsar to Artola Trek, and the riverside trek. Camping is another thrilling adventure to be enjoyed during a visit to this wonderful hill station. The feeling of waking up amidst nature surrounded by lush green forests and mountain views will really enrich the mind and soul.

In addition to being a mesmerizing hill station, there are also lots of things to do at Mukteshwar which is an exciting and thrilling adventure high up in the hills. The charm of the hill, the lush green forests, and the array of exciting activities makes Mukteshwar worth a visit.

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