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Why Family Cottages are Best to Stay in Mukteshwar Weekend Tours

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The picturesque town of Mukteshwar which was once a quiet sleepy hamlet a few years ago is the new kid on the block on the map for one of the best weekend escapades from the sweltering heat of the plains. The mountain crisp fresh air, the breathtakingly mesmerizing views of Nanda Devi, and the montage view of the lush verdant valley and white snow-dusted mountain tops are what have metamorphosed it into a bustling city filled travel aficionados. Due to scant visitors earlier, the Mukteshwar Inspection Bungalow or the Dak Bangalow served as a refuge for the visitors. Owing to the sudden surge of visitors, many beautiful and convenient resorts, hotels, and family cottages have mushroomed in recent times. Each of these caters to a varied mix of travelers suited to their best interests. Out of all the options, family cottages are the best to stay in Mukteshwar during weekend tours.

Mukteshwar is the ideal family destination for a quiet weekend in the lap of the mountains. The family looks forward to a hassle-free stay as they soak into the majestic views of the mountains while gorging on the famed delicious Pahari cuisine. The freedom to feel like being at home on a vacation is the USP of these convenient family cottages in Mukteshwar. On a vacation, one does not want to and more often, one loses count of time while visiting and regaling at the amazing display of mesmerizing nature around them.

Another advantage is that these family cottages provide complete privacy. The family can build a warm cocoon and enjoy quality time. Unlike the hotels, these cottages are spaced amongst themselves providing enough private space to the family.  This homely ambient is a welcome relief for elders and small children. The small children get cranky at closed claustrophobic places like hotels. These cottages, with ample open spaces, provides an avenue for small children to enjoy.  As one has the leeway of curating one’s food as per their unique needs, these family cottages are a boon for someone ailing who needs a breath of fresh air to alleviate one’s frail constitution.

One also gets a unique chance to try the delicious Pahari cuisine which is finger-licking good. One just has to request the friendly cook to incorporate it in their food and he would most readily comply. These family cottages are surprisingly much lighter on the budget. These cottages can be conveniently booked in advance online with a host of friendly payment options. As these cottages are operated by individuals, they are well maintained and most of them are flexible to attend to any last-minute changes. They also double as your perfect guide in providing useful insights in preparing your local sight-seeing itinerary.

Come summer and the place will be swarmed with excited travelers. It is advisable to book one’s stay at any of these family cottages before your sojourn your exciting journey to the scintillating locales of Mukteshwar.

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