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Why is Mukteshwar the Best Family tour package for Weekend

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Cuddled amidst frosty mountains is the small hilly town of Mukhteswar which is a bewitching destination. It is surrounded by the majestic snow laden Himalayan mountains that provides a visual treat of the pastoral valley to the ravenous eyes of the awestruck travelers. The camaraderie of the fluffy clouds and blue sky connives with the sun to provide a mesmerizing setting to the wanderlust travelers. The crisp mountain air, the thrilling cold wind, and the exquisite display of natural beauty lures visitors from nearby and far away places.

Due to its easy accessibility from Nainital, it is frequented by families to enjoy a good time of togetherness and family bonding. Many families prefer to travel to Mukteshwar on a weekend. The travel time from Nainital is a non-tiring one and half-hours’ relaxed drive accompanied by roads providing an amazing view of unspoiled nature. It is only 61 km from Kathgodam which is the last railway station on the way. Once in Mukhteswar, there are many cozy and comfortable resorts that promise an amazing time to their guests. Mukhteswar though is a small hill station yet it has a lot to offer to the visitors.

One of the most frequented spots is the Chauli ki Jali which offers jaw-dropping views of the green verdant valley from an amazing height. Braving the cold gust of wind, visitors throng this spot at the time of dusk to enjoy a regaling view of the setting sun as the sky transforms into an amazing canvas of hues of crimson orange. The ancient 350-year-old Mukhteswar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva which is situated on top of a hill is another visited place that is famous for its scenic beauty. The Mukhteswar Inspection Bungalow which is situated in the heart of the town and an important landmark offers a spectacular view of the snow-covered peak of the majestic Nanda Devi and other mountain peaks. Bhalu Gad Waterfall is a must-visit once at Mukhteswar. After hiking through coniferous forests of pine and rhododendron, the sight of the silvery crystal water plunging from an astonishing height of 60 feet is outwardly and breathtaking. Families also visit the nearby serene hamlets of Ramgarh and Peora to soak in the beauty of nature and spend quality time.

Apart from the bewitching locales, there are many activities that offer opportunities for family bonding and togetherness. The sprawling lush green forests dotted with small lakes and rivers are perfect for trekking and hiking. There are different amazing trekking routes in and around Mukhteswar. The rocky cliffs are the preferred avenues for adrenaline-pumping activities rock climbing and rappelling. Another thrilling adventure is paragliding over the ravishing plains below. Huddled around a bonfire under a starlight sky and enjoying the comforts of swiss tents is another exquisite way to spend a weekend.

Easy access to nearby spots, eating joints offering mouthwatering local Kumauni dishes, the amazing chilly weather, a compact hill station offering a plethora of unique experiences makes Mukhteswar the best family tour package for the weekend.

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