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Why Mukteshwar is the Honeymoon Destination in Uttarakhand

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A honeymoon is a romantic vacation taken by newlyweds to celebrate their marriage. Honeymooners prefer serene places, far away from the maddening crowd which offers seclusion and privacy accompanied by mesmerizing landscapes that further heighten the idea of romance while enjoying the warmth of glowing hearts.

Nestled coyly in the heart of majestic mountains and mesmerizing nature is Mukhteswar, a quaint hilly town famous for its apple orchards and beautiful coniferous forests. Studded with beautiful hamlets, flowing streams, a riveting 180-degree view of the snow-dusted Himalayan mountains, and splendid views of the enchanting valley, Mukhteswar is truly a slice of heaven on earth. It is conveniently located at a distance of 50 km from Nainital and is very well connected by roads offering views of nature at its best.

Beautiful touristy spots that offer amazing views of nature beckon every wanderlust at Mukhteswar. The Chauli ki Jali is an awesome cliff that offers stunning views of the mountains and the lush valley below from an amazing height. At the time of dusk, the entire place transforms itself into a magical place with the tint of the orangey hue of the effervescent sun making everything aglow. The jutting rocks, the cold blowing wind, and the feeling of togetherness while holding each other’s hands and watching the sun slowly disappear is an experience to be recalled for a lifetime. Another romantic indulgence is getting lost in the unknown alleys of Ramgarh and Peora, the two exceedingly beautiful small villages near Mukhteswar while musing over the many fruit orchards and filling the lungs with mountain fresh crisp air. Except for the sweet chirping of the birds, no form of cacophony finds any place at these two serene locations. One can seek divine blessings for a satisfying wedded life by paying their respects at the holy Mukhteswar Temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple provides amazing views of the pristine verdant nature from an amazing height.

Apart from the mesmerizing places, honeymooners can also engage in trekking which offers a unique experience of adventure and fun. Walking through the dew-covered forest of oak, pine, and rhododendron while regaling at the splendid art of nature is purely the highest form of bliss. It catalyzes the sublime magic of togetherness and companionship. Another romantic activity is camping under the mountain sky. Camping in the meadows surrounded by snow-laden mountains is sure to amplify the spirit of unbridled love. Sitting by the blazing campfire and gazing at the star-studded sky while holding each other’s hands whispering sweet nothings will surely kindle the memory with happy thoughts for a long time.

The cozy resorts in Mukhteswar spread through the town offers amazing stays and delectable local Kumauni cuisines. There are many modes of transport which provide easy access to the nearby spots. Mukhteswar has a lot to offer to romantic honeymooning couples which is bound to create suitcases of memories which when can be opened all life through to relieve the charm of snow, nature, and cozy togetherness.

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