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Mukhteswar Inspection Bungalow

The Mukhteswar Inspection Bungalow is situated at the heart of Mukhteswar town. It is an architectural wonder and is a significant landmark. What makes it more important is that the environmentalist and the great hunter Jim Corbett stayed at this bungalow. The Mukhteswar inspection bungalow also known as the PWD inspection bungalow offers stunning views of the snow-covered Nanda Devi and other important mountain peaks. Tourists can visit the bungalow from outside and admire the lush green surroundings and beautiful views. The bungalow has an old charm attached to it. The rooms evoke feeling of the colonial era. It had been visited by many prominent British officials and Indian dignitaries.

It is advisable to make prior booking if planning to stay at this beautiful bungalow as it is seldom vacant.

Temple walk through the Stairs

Beaitiful and Peaceful Mountain View

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