Beginning of an eternal journey

An alluring location high up in the mountains with mesmerizing views, lively music and classy facilities is the ultimate place to seal your love with a lifelong promise of togetherness. The management understands your special need and lends their personal touch to make your day more special. The expert management at The Alpine Chalet takes care of all your worries of the perfect wedding and promises a stress-free experience

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Events and Meetings
Events and Meetings

The Weddig Day

Marriages are made in heaven and best celebrated on earth at The Alpine Chalet. Elaborate floral motifs, perfectly color-coordinated aesthetic décor, and an exquisite display of sublime lightning lends an ephemeral touch and glow to the place making it the perfect place for the intertwining of two souls into one. The mandap is decorated with garlands of marigold symbolizing the brightness and flow of positive energy between the newlyweds. The venue is spacious enough to attend to the comfort of up to 250 guests. The coy bride is pampered like a princess as her prince charming garlands her into holy communion with the soft sound of shehnai playing in the background and the angels blessing from above at this beautiful, enchanted place called The Alpine Chalet.

We Make it Easy For You

Planning a wedding celebration entails meticulous planning for the perfect execution with no last-minute surprises. To make your once-in-a-lifetime celebration eventful and worth remembering, we take all the troubles so that you join the revelry with the feeling that all will be taken care of. Our inhouse wedding planner delivers the perfect themed wedding infusing nature with contemporary, ensures elaborate floral arrangements, demure lighting, a jazzy dance floor with upbeat music and a continuous flow of mouth-watering cuisines straight from the kitchen of the resort. The only thing for you to be bothered of is looking the best on your special day.

Wedding Weekend

The resort is a trending spot for weekend weddings to celebrate the fat Indian wedding. Detailed arrangements are made for the mehndi night, haldi night and curated arrangements are done for the final wedding day with themed decorations and delicious cuisines while ensuring that the guests are having a good time with a steady flow of delectable chef’s specials while regaling at the exotic environment of the resort.

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Group Rates for Weddings

The resort ensures that your special day’s arrangements do not burn a hole into your pocket and leave a bitter taste. For that, special group rates are offered for wedding by the resort on room bookings, floral arrangements, wedding planner etc., along with special discounted packages to the guests on availing customized amenities.

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